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Every ambition has its hurdles – the higher the ambition, the greater the hurdles.

An exam like UPSC civil services requires great skill, focus and above all determination. Many try to cross this hurdle alone, some seek the help of others in the form of friends, guides, mentors, and coaching institutes. But success, whatever said and done comes, for those who are ready to wait and act.

UPSC Coaching Centers in Kerala have mushroomed over the past few years, specifically in Trivandrum. This could be attributed to the increase in awareness of the exam as well as the overall increase in performance of the aspirants. Over a period of time, aspirants have quadrupled all over Kerala, Trivandrum being the hub.

IAS, IPS and IFS are still the most sought after. The prestige and the power associated with these services have always been an eye candy for many. There are aspirants who specifically look for the best IAS coaching centre in Kerala or IPS training institutes in Trivandrum signifying the popularity for these services.

Civil Service Coaching Centers have flourished in Kerala beyond imagination. But the quality that each one provides is a matter of controversy. Some guide and others misguide. What the students have to look for is the quality of classes, quality of faculties, regular tests and evaluation and above all dedication and sincerity of the academy. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Darpan Learning Mate is one of the best UPSC coaching centres in Kerala. It has been evolved under the able guidance of faculties who have cleared the different levels of UPSC exams.

The approach to each section of the exam also varies. UPSC Prelims require the ability to eliminate the options and thus arrive at the answer. Mains check the overall ability of the aspirant to express himself/herself in a logical way without missing any major points. Overall, UPSC mains is about convincing the reader. Interview checks the personality and the dexterity to deal with problems.


Sociology optional for UPSC mains has gained a lot of popularity because of its short syllabus and the relative interest that it evokes on the aspirant. Darpan Learning Mate provides the best Sociology coaching in Kerala. Experienced teachers handle the class with elan.

History optional for UPSC have always been popular being an interesting and familiar optional. A good analysis of history is essential to make the class interesting. Our faculties provide the necessary acumen and the skill to write the answer as well as to understand what the question demands. To experience the best history coaching in Kerala, Darpan Learning Mate is a must.


Preparation for 2019 examination essentially involves studying the traditional subjects like History, Polity, Geography, Economics, etc. A regular reading of newspaper is also a must. Darpan Learning Mate provides a comprehensive news analysis where only the relevant news is picked up and dealt. Reading of Yojana, Kurukshetra and Down to Earth is also a must, the former two are important from the perspective of government policies and the latter from the point of view of out of the box analysis. All these have to be followed religiously. The aspirant can also go through our regular quiz which is based on the current affairs. It is helpful in reinforcing what has already been learnt.

UPSC preparation is not just what the aspirant learns from the class, it is beyond that. A good observer is a good writer. Opening up the eyes and ears are as necessary as learning from the classroom. Each incident in daily life and each question that lingers in the mind of the aspirant, curiosities all have the potential to be asked in UPSC.  And such an answer is going to be original. UPSC values original thoughts but arranged in a logical manner. Darpan Learning Mate helps the aspirant to think originally; to realize the ambition of being an IAS/IPS/IFS or to be in any other allied services.


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