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Darpan is the result of a dedicated and enthusiastic team of faculties who have encountered the different phases and challenges of the examination.

Darpan focuses on providing the necessary acumen and skill to clear the exam through meticulous classes, module wise and comprehensive tests, and diligent evaluation. We provide the best IAS coaching in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Our Schemes

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do many things about it now.”

This is for the aspirant who is ready to plan early for the coming UPSC Civil Service Exam.

Darpan as a Mate:

1. Exhaustive completion of Prelims and Mains syllabi

2. Special focus on the art of writing and writing techniques

3. Critical and meticulous evaluation of the expressed material

4. Cumulative tests every week for both Prelims and Mains

5. Attending to individual learner needs.

This strategically planned coaching procedure helps the aspirant to achieve their goals within scheduled time.

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water” – Tagore

This scheme focuses on the aspirant who aims to score the best in the Mains Examination.

Darpan as a Mate:

1. Comprehensive classes for GS and Essay Papers

2. Special focus on writing sessions building clarity of thoughts, analytical thinking and appropriate expression

3. Critical and meticulous evaluation of the expressed material

4. Cumulative tests every week

5. Comprehensive test series

Consistent and focused thinking and expressing can pave the way for a smoother entry to the interview.

Though CSAT paper is just qualifying it is not to be taken lightly. A failure in CSAT paper can result in the lose of an attempt.

Darpan as a Mate:

1. Time – bound completion of syllabus

2. Special care and attention to the aspirant who is backward in Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning

3. Comprehensive Mock Tests

Putting the right amount of time and effort in CSAT is a life saver for both GS–Paper I (Prelims) in particular and Prelims in general.

Sociology has turned out to be one of the safest options for civil service aspirants as it has become a vital part of General Studies Papers (Mains) and optional paper. Further, the syllabus is short and one of the easiest.

Sociology helps in Indian Society part GS Paper – 1 of Mains. It is also important in Ethics Paper.

Sociology, as optional, has two parts – Paper I and Paper 2

Darpan as a Mate:

1. Comprehensive completion of syllabus

2. Cumulative tests every week.

3. Module wise and comprehensive mock tests

4. Critical evaluation

Scoring higher in optional is imperative to improve the overall score of the mains exam.

Expressing knowledge is as essential as acquiring it. Mains exam is all about writing answers in a logical and coherent manner. This scheme caters to the aspirant who has completed his/her mains syllabus and wants to test himself / herself.

A mock test series is very essential to feel the vibe of the real examination.

Test series are important to check the progress as well as to master the art of tackling multiple choice questions.

Darpan as a Mate:

1. Comprehensive tests

2. Module wise tests

Attempting a set of prelims mock test will help the aspirant to assess his/her status and thus provide chances to improve.

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